Some of the highlights from this year to date.

In the last year, from July 2018 – July 2019 Fontana has seen a 9.7% growth rate in labor with added staff Production leadership with Manager and Assistant Manager positions that have also been a significant part of this growth strategy, allowing for more of a hands-on approach to teaching and learning [Switchgear, Panel, Fabrication, and Building Assembly].

5S/Lean Training focus has been a very hot topic this year for our production teams, which will benefit new employees as well as existing employees that can grow in their careers. The goal of the 5S/Lean initiative is to identify process inefficiencies in the work we do today and to allow for innovative new ways to improve the way we do work moving forward.

Our ability to grow effectively as a company requires that we continue to deliver high-quality products, on time and within budget – EVERY time. This focus has served us well as a business over our 23 years in the industry and will keep doing so provided we use our resources wisely.