Arc-Res Switchgear

Crown Technical Systems manufactures Medium-Voltage, Metal-Clad, Arc-Resistant Switchgear that meets ANSI/IEEE C37.20.7 standards for metal-clad switchgear. They are engineered to protect operating personnel in and around hazardous arcing fault environments. Crown offers arc resistant switchgear with a wide range of major circuit breaker types and brands. All switchgear offerings can be integrated into Power Distribution Centers (PDCs).

Conventional vs Arc-Resistant Switchgear

Conventional switchgear is not designed with the reinforced compartments that can withstand the incredible pressure increases that occur during high energy arc faults. While it may provide reliable service during normal conditions, when an internal arc fault occurs, conventional switchgear cannot withstand the effects of internal arcing faults. To protect against high energy arc faults, arc-resistant switchgear is the safest solution. Designed and tested to ANSI/IEEE C37.20.7 standards, arc resistant switchgear provides the highest degree of protection to personnel against the effects of an internal arcing fault. Arc-resistant switchgear is specifically designed to contain and limit the damage incurred from an internal arc fault within the faulty switchgear or in the compartment in the case of Type 2BC. Arc-resistant switchgear is increasingly being installed by utilities and industrial users because of the added protection, long-term savings and the significant reduction in downtime.

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