Crown Culture

Founded on the principles of outstanding performance and critical to the industries we serve, our superior quality continues to provide the fundamental base for which our products stand. Our vision is simple, and yet powerful:  “Performance is Our Business Quality is Our Foundation.” Founder Norm Siddiqui and his partners continue to live this vision in executing every product and in every installation. At Crown Technical Systems, we are firm in our belief that our strength lies in our ability to perform and deliver to our customer’s expectations with consistency. We manufacture and integrate electrical equipment for use in a broad range of applicable power distribution markets. In this industry space, Crown Technical Systems has developed a strong network of relationships with new customers, clients, partners and employees.

Crown Technical Systems brings together the finest team of industry experts, comprised of a team that is not simply satisfied by servicing the customer. Our team is also proud to provide a product that serves our communities well, where our technology will serve safely and effectively for generations. Our ability to serve our clients and our communities equally well is a source of pride and  empowerment for our team; our business ensures the highest level of end-use efficiency and functionality with every project. From proposal to delivery, we work to serve the greater good.

Crown employees can be found proudly serving the following organizations

The United States Armed Forces

Southern California Mental Health Center Volunteers

Los Angeles County Soup Kitchen Volunteers

Girls Scouts of the USA

Crown Technical Systems Benefits

Crown’s greatest asset is our employees. To ensure the well-being of our employees and their families we offer a comprehensive benefits package.

Benefits Offered

Health Care

  • Variety of Medical Plans
  • Comprehensive Dental Plans
  • Pre-tax Plan Premiums


  • Competitive Salary
  • Life Insurance Plans
  • 401k Plan (N/A in Texas)
  • 401k Rollover (N/A in Texas)
  • Direct Deposit


  • 9 Paid Holidays Annually
  • Paid Time Off
  • Positive Working Atmosphere

*Additional benefits based on eligibility criteria.

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