Crown manufactures fully engineered drop in place (modular) steel control buildings complete with custom systems to meet customer requirements. These systems are fully tested and ready to operate upon field cabling installation. The fully integrated solution reduces overall labor costs and cycle time for substation startup. The buildings seismic engineering and design meet all state-imposed gold seal standards.


Control Building Features

  • Complete design and fabrication services provided for the control building.
  • Control Building provided with an integrated package of control panels, batteries, chargers, AC/DC panel boards, RTU’s and other equipment.
  • Control Building can be installed on a concrete pad or pier blocks.
  • Overhead cable tray system or computer floor.
  • Termination cabinet for field cables.
  • Battery and other auxiliary rooms.
  • Emergency lighting and DC lighting.

Enclosure Types

  • Control Enclosure
  • Mechanical Electrical Equipment Room (MEER)
  • Control Building
  • Modular Protection, Automation & Control (MPAC)
  • Power Distribution Center (PDC)
  • Electrical Equipment Enclosure
  • Electrical House (E-House)
  • Traction Power Substation (TPSS)

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