Traction Power Supply Substation

Light rail transportation systems across the country require power to move their cars along. Commuters depend on these efficient and clean running machines to get them to where they need to go on time.

We offer a fully integrated and tested solution to any light or heavy rail Traction Power Supply Substation project. Count on Crown to deliver that power.


  • Substantial improvement of overall schedule
  • Overall cost of Traction Power Substation substantially lower than brick& mortar
  • Traction Power Substation delivery typically 12-16 weeks
  • Substantial reduction in front end engineering time
  • Traction Power Substation arrives fully integrated – all equipment installed, cabled and tested
  • Factory environment for assembly of Traction Power Substation makes for flexible solutions
  • Traction Power Substation comes fully packaged – only field cables are to be connected
  • Traction Power Substation unloading and placement on pad in less than 4 hours




  • Structural Steel, Base and Frame
  • Stainless Steel
  • Galvannealed Roof
  • Steel Tubing
  • 16 Gauge Galvannealed Wall Panels


  • No size limit
  • Width: standard up to 15’, 19’ max or greater with split
  • Length: up to 120’

Load Capacity

  • Floor: not less than 250lbs psf
  • Roof: standard 85 psf, higher available
  • Wind: 125 mph


  • Floor: up to R30
  • Wall: up to R30
  • Roof: up to R38

Standard painting

  • Polyester outdoor powder coating standard on all external and internal surfaces
  • Exterior & Floor: Carboline 890 (two part epoxy) 4-6 MILS DFT
  • Base Underside: Maropoxy (two part epoxy) 4-6 MILS DFT
  • Option for Polyester primer and clear top coat


Standard offerings are listed for comparison, but most projects accommodate end user specifications.


  • Control Panels
  • Primary AC/DC Switchgear
  • Positive/Negative Disconnect Switch
  • DC Feeder Breakers
  • TPSS Alarm Panel
  • AC/DC Breaker Test Panel
  • AC/DC Panel Boards, Transfer Switch
  • Battery/Battery Chargers
  • Termination Cabinet
  • Station Service Transformer/Fuse
  • Utilty Metering Cabinet
  • Rectifier Transformer
  • Rectifier
  • RTU Equipment
  • Heating & Air-conditioning
  • Battery and other auxiliary rooms
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting
  • Emergency Lighting & DC Lighting



  • Fire rated walls, up to 3 hours; explosion proof rooms
  • Bullet resistant up to UL level 8
  • Provisions for future expansion, removable end wall
  • Custom door arrangements with alarms
  • Windows
  • Bathrooms
  • Galvanized base, floorless building
  • Emergency lighting and alarm systems
  • Custom cable trays or computer floors
  • Dielectric Floor Coatings


  • Split & roof systems
  • Louvers
  • Vent fans
  • Heating and air conditioning systems

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