Non Arc Switchgear

Crown Technical Systems offers a line of Medium Voltage Metal Clad Switchgear. Capabilities include using air or vacuum circuit breakers within the range of 4.16KV to 38KV.

The switchgear is factory manufactured and ranges from single cubicle to multiple cubicles and can be housed in an outdoor metal building; ready to be installed on a concrete pad in a substation. Major purchased parts include circuit breakers, potential and current transformers and protective relays.

This switchgear is manufactured in-house including fabrication and bus design, cubicle design and fabrication layout on doors, detailed schematic design and wiring drawing development.

Other Features

  • Switchgear cubicle and bus compartments are made of 11 gauge cold rolled or galvannealed steel, fully welded to form rigid structures
  • Parts are fabricated using numerically controlled fabrication equipment resulting in parts being built to tightly controlled tolerances.
  • Steel parts are powder coated to form a protective coating.
  • Switchgear compartments are bolted together to form an extended line up
  • Additional testing includes secondary current injection, protective relay testing, DC logic and breaker trip and close testing.
  • Bus work is provided with fluidized bed epoxy insulated copper; all bus joints are covered by PVC boots and supported by high quality insulators.



Classes Offered

Medium Voltage Metal-Clad Switchgear and Medium Voltage Enclosed- complete Switchgear line-ups using vacuum circuit breakers. Our Metal-Clad switchgear is designed and assembled to meet or exceed applicable ANSI/IEEE (ANSI C37.20.2), and NEMA standards. Switchgear is both NEMA 1 and NEMA-3R construction.

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