Relay Panels

Control Panels are offered in a wide variety of designs that continue to evolve and develop to meet the different needs and objectives of a wide range of industry segments.


Protective Relay Panels

Used in the protection of electrical apparatus and transmission lines detecting short circuits, overload and other faults. Manufacturing these panels has been our focus since the beginning and continues to be a large part of our scope of supply. We have the capability of full integration and testing.

Metering Panels

Suitable for indoor applications and designed to meet our customer’s requirements, optimizing the size and shape to fit the associated electrical components. Crown metering panels meet or exceed industry standards in quality and performance and are typically used when a technician needs to check electrical output levels without having to access any internal sections.

Communication Panels

Also called Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, our Communication Panels use computer control and communication monitoring equipment. Modems, annunciators and radio gear are typical devices found within these panels and can be found on most substation upgrade projects.



Full Duplex

Full duplex panels are enclosed structures with front and rear control panels; a roof and an access door. Control Panels can be a single or double 19 inch rack based on customer’s specifications

Half Duplex

Half duplex panels consist of single or double 19 inch freestanding racks with horizontal and vertical wire ways customized to meet customer’s specification.


A fully enclosed assembly with a front and/or rear hinged door with either a single or a dual 19 inch rack structure. The cabinets can be customized to specific needs as required by the customer.

19” Rack

Rack mount panels are custom fabricated to meet customer’s requirements. All equipment is mounted and wired according to customer’s specification. Most racks are seismically qualified according to IEEE 693.


Our designing and manufacturing capabilities offer flexible options to our customers meeting their equipment mounting needs. The control panels are manufactured with precision and careful attention to quality control. For comparison, standard offerings are listed but most projects accommodate end user specifications.



  • Visual Inspection
  • Continuity Check
  • Voltage and Current Inspections
  • DC Voltage Feed
  • Operational
  • Functional
  • Communications
  • HMI Systems

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

Available per customer specifications.

Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)


  • Equipment Settings
  • Protection Settings
  • Insulation (Megger)
  • High Potential (Hi-Pot)
  • Customer-Specified Tests

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