Power Control For a Data Center

Crown Technical Systems provided advanced control enclosures for Vantage Data Centers’ CA3 data center in Santa Clara, California. This state-of-the-art facility spans an 8-acre campus and will deliver 64 MW of critical IT load across 486,000 square feet.

The project required two specialized control enclosures: one for the utility side and one for the data center side. These enclosures ensure seamless power management and distribution, critical for maintaining the high availability and reliability required by modern data centers.

The CA3 data center is designed to utilize 100% renewable power, aligning with Vantage Data Centers’ commitment to sustainability. Crown’s control enclosures are engineered to integrate seamlessly with the data center’s infrastructure, providing robust protection and efficient operation of critical equipment. This setup ensures the data center’s ability to handle the intensive power and cooling requirements of modern data processing and storage needs.

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