Meet Me Room

Crown Technical Systems completed a major project for the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA). The Meet Me Room is designed to optimize the airport’s communication infrastructure, enhancing efficiency and reliability.

The Crown team designed and built a custom enclosure spanning nearly 60′ x 30′. This unique structure, tailored to SEA’s specific requirements, houses communication equipment from multiple service providers. The Meet Me Room is a split, prefabricated enclosure engineered to ship in two parts and be assembled on-site to minimize disruption to airport operations.

The enclosure features practical security measures, including a dedicated fence separating service provider and airport equipment sections. This division streamlines maintenance operations, allowing service provider technicians to access equipment efficiently without navigating stringent airport security protocols. The design facilitates the complex wire and cabling required for the airport’s extensive network with intricate conduit runs. Power distribution is designed to give the various service providers separate access to their particular equipment.

While this project departs from Crown’s typical focus on power distribution, it remains instrumental in streamlining essential North American infrastructure. The completed Meet Me Room will significantly contribute to the seamless functioning of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport for decades.

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